Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The City of Athens supports the policy of providing access to public records kept and maintained by the City.

The following instructions will help to guide you in filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request with the City of Athens:

1.Make your request in writing. The City cannot require you to use a specific form for your request. However, you will find one that we created for your convenience here. You may submit your request by mail, fax, or in person. Please direct your requests to:

FOIA Officer

210 Dottie Bednarko Drive

PO Box 268

Athens, IL 62613

Fax: 217-636-7949

2.Please be as specific with your request as possible. This is important to ensure you receive the correct records that you are requesting.

3.Please provide the following information on your request:

Name, Address, and Phone Number

Specific Description of Records being Requested

If the Request is for Copies, or for Inspection of Records


4.The FOIA allows you to inspect or receive copies of records

5.There is no charge up to 50 pages of standard letter size, black and white copies of requested records. After 50 pages, there will be a charge of .15 cents per page.

6.You are permitted to ask for a waiver of the copying fees. You must state the request for a waiver of fees in your FOIA request to the City, and include a specific reason why the requested information is in the public interest, not your personal interest, which allows such a waiver.


How the City Will Respond:

The City of Athens must respond in 5 business days after the request is received. The 5 days start on the first business day after the request is received. The City may extend the time to respond an additional 5 days if the requested information:

Is stored at a different location

Requires an extensive search

Involves a substantial amount of records

Needs reviewed by an appropriate person to determine if the requested records are exempt

Cannot be produced without unduly burdening the City or interfering with its operation


The City of Athens must notify the requestor within 5 business days, if additional time is needed, the reason for the additional time, and when it will be provided. If the City has not responded to the request within 5 business days then the request is considered denied. If your request has been denied, you may appeal the denial to the Attorney General’s Public Access Bureau (PAC).

Public Access Counselor

Office of the Attorney General

500 South Second Street

Springfield, IL 62706