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*NEW* Internet Purchase Exchange Location in Athens!


The Athens Municipal Library parking lot is now an internet purchase exchange location.

The library, partnering with the Athens Police Department, designated the parking lot in front of the library, at 410 E. Hargrave in Athens, for residents to use as a safe location to exchange items sold via the internet. The area is well-lit and recorded by a high-resolution digital surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to the Athens Police.

“As internet commerce becomes more prevalent in our society, the City of Athens recognizes the need to address these types of transactions. We’re doing this to help ensure the safety of the community,” said Athens Chief of Police Tim Becker.

The exchange location is open for use, but Becker said people should not expect officers to mediate transactions.

The department recommends using the exchange during daylight hours when the high-definition camera will work best.

In an event that an officer is needed, people should call the Athens Police Department at (217) 636-8729 for non-emergency situations and 911 for emergencies, Becker stated.

When making internet-based transactions, Chief Becker recommends that you not make transactions alone and not go to someone’s home or invite them to yours.