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Demolition Bid Request


City of Athens

Demolition Bid Request

1. Properties subject to demolition include:

A. 401 S. Adams - (Legal Description) ATHENS ABNER HALL'S ADD. S 31' LOT 4 & S 1/2 LOT 5 BLK 3, NW 1/4. AND (EX E PT) LOT 22 1/2 CCP NW ¼. - House demolition and removal - Leveled - Overgrowth removed - Seeded

B. 410 S. Polk St. - (Legal Description) S1 T17 R6 270' X 232' S SIDE LOT 41 CCP NW 1/4. -House demolition and removal -Outbuildings removed -Overgrowth removed -Leveled -Seeded

Bids are due back to Athens City Hall located at 210 Dottie Bednarko Drive by 4:30 P.M. Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Submissions made after deadline will not be considered unless deadline is extended uniformly for all contractors.

2. Bids presented shall be for all labor and equipment associated with:

A. Demolition of buildings. B. Removal of all demolished material to a site approved for receipt of demolished construction material; and C. Leveling and grass-seeding site after demolition so as to make it safe for the general public.

Bids shall also include a schedule for when work may commence on the work for which a bid is submitted.
Bids shall be submitted, separately for each individual property identified above. The city shall consider each bid individually, and not as a package.

3. The city reserves the right to accept the bid which, in its judgment is the lowest and best bid, to reject any or all bids, to award the contract for the proposed work and to waive irregularities or informalities in any bid submitted. In other words, the city reserves the right to accept the bid which, in its judgment, and regardless of cost, best accomplishes the project described in this proposal/bid request. The schedule by which work would be completed pursuant to contractor’s bid may also be considered when selecting the winning bid. All bidders agree that rejection of any bid or bids shall be without liability on the part of the city, and bidders shall not seek recourse of any kind against the city because of such rejection. The filing of any bid shall constitute an agreement of the bidder to the terms and conditions of these instructions of bidders.

4. The city of Athens is a municipal, public body. Public funds will be used to procure the services requested in this bid. The selected contractor will be required to inform him or herself concerning, and to comply with, all applicable laws of each and every jurisdiction having authority over any aspect of the proposed work, including but not limited to, Illinois prevailing wage requirements.

5. Each contractor submitting a bid must provide evidence of insurance coverage sufficient for the nature of work to be completed and must maintain the specified level of coverage for duration of the project.

6. After the contract is awarded to the selected bidder, work may not commence until a notice to proceed is issued. The notice to proceed shall be issued after the following has occurred:

A. A work schedule has been approved by the city mayor or a designee; and B. Evidence of the required insurance coverage has been furnished.

7. All rights and remedies afforded to the City of Athens by law, ordinance, or policy of the city shall be retained, whether or not specified in this bid request.

8. Contractor shall dispose of debris and materials in a manner which conforms to all local ordinances and State and Federal Statutes and Regulations and more specifically, with the Environmental Protection Act of Illinois, and Rules and Regulations promulgated thereunder. Burning of removed materials will not be permitted within the work site.

a. Contractor shall be responsible for site security and restricting access to the site during the course of cleanup.

b. Prior to project completion, contractor shall be responsible for grading the site to facilitate water drainage so that water is routed to existing ditches or
storm drains, as approved by the City.

c. Contractor shall be responsible for any necessary traffic control during cleanup.

d. The contractor shall protect existing buildings, neighboring structures, sidewalks, curbs, and pavements adjacent to the project during the demolition process and shall repair any damage caused by his operation at no cost to the Owner.

e. Contractor shall be responsible for disconnecting utilities except water and gas. The Contractor shall perform his work in a manner which will not damage any utility lines. If the Contractor damages a utility line, it shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to have the line repaired to the satisfaction of the utility Owner. No additional compensation will be allowed to the Contractor for the repair cost.

f. Bids shall include a schedule for when work may commence on the work for which a bid is submitted.

g. Prior to 48 hours before construction work is to begin, the Contractor shall contact the “Joint Utility Location Information for Excavators” (J.U.L.I.E.), phone number 1-800-892-0123 (or 811), and utility owners to have the existing utility lines located. In the event that J.U.L.I.E. does not have a contract to contact any of the individual Utility Companies/Owners, the Contractor shall be responsible to contact these companies/Owners directly. The Contractor shall be responsible for determining the exact location of all utility lines.

h. All abandoned pipes, including specifically the sanitary sewer, shall located by contractor be removed or capped. Sanitary sewer shall be capped to prevent storm water entry. The contractor shall provide all utility fittings required to complete the project. The contractor shall recover refrigerant from all equipment and piping before removing from the building.

i. The Contractor shall clean the Owner’s property, public streets and highways, and pavement of all dirt and debris tracked or spilled at the end of each day’s operations, or as directed by the Owner.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tim Becker at 217/636-8429.