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Pet Pantry


The Animal Abusive Protection Program Pet Pantry is open for business! A huge thank you to Jim Roles for designing, building and donating the new pantry.

The new pantry is located next to the bathrooms at the Athens Community Park. We have filled it with toys, treats and food. Please don’t abuse or damage the pantry or the contents-it is under video Surveillance.

Please take something from the pantry when you need it and leave something when you can. 

We are so proud of our community. We raised a grand total of $1978 from this years event. That doesn’t include all the donations. We were able to send the Menard County Animal
Control with a ton of donations and have enough small items to fill the pantry a couple of times. Thank you for all your support! This was a community effort and we succeeded. These funds will be used to fund the pantry when community donations are low and to continue to offer support to the shelter and local Menard County animal rescue initiatives.

We have yet to find another community with a pet pantry like this. Please use it and support it. Maybe if ours is successful, other communities will open one too.

PLEASE use the pantry. Don’t let any animal in our community go hungry.