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Garbage Disposal Notice


There has been a recent flood of information and mis-information spread across social media platforms stating the City of Athens is attempting to dictate who residents will use for their garbage disposal service.  Residents who participate in their city government and attend council meetings know the facts of this possibility.

The idea of a sole garbage carrier is not new or unique.  Many of our municipal neighbors utilize this type of garbage pick-up.  The idea is to provide the citizens of the community with increased service at a reduced cost while simultaneously reducing wear and tear on city streets by multiple carriers.  

If the city chose to adopt a sole garbage-carrier, we would be responsible for billing which removes the responsibility of billing and collections from the garbage removal companies, thus allowing them to perform their services at a lower cost.  City garbage service would be included in the monthly utility bill sent out to Athens water customers.  Neighboring cities we researched have described saving their residents up to 50% off their garbage service by going with a sole provider.  Included in our request for proposals would be recycling services and a city-wide cleanup annually.  

Mayor Reichert has stated in past city council meetings the city is simply in a fact- finding mission to determine if the residents would actually benefit from a sole-service garbage provider.  This can only be done by requesting bids for the service to determine the actual costs and savings.  The plan is to call a special meeting allowing citizen input once all the information regarding this topic is gathered.

We welcome input from city residents regarding this topic but would simply ask that you remain open-minded until we all learn what the possible benefits and savings to our residents would be if a sole-service garbage carrier plan is adopted.